100Uncaught ReferenceError: startCase is not defined

I have been trying to use lodash.js in Meteor js and will need help in doing this. I have tried all methods of appending external file to meteor but still the same error.

I have this dropdown with search on codepen I want to use in a template. I have been on this for more than 8 hours today and yet to figure out what to do. Also, I added this package to Meteor when appending urls of external js files did not work and the error persists. This is my implementation:

<template name="multiselect">
<div class="instructions">(Click to expand and select states to filter)</div>
    <div class="dropdown-container" style="width: 100%;">
        <div class="dropdown-button noselect">
            <div class="dropdown-label">States</div>
            <div class="dropdown-quantity">(<span class="quantity">Any</span>)</div>
            <i class="fa fa-filter"></i>
        <div class="dropdown-list" style="display: none;">
            <input type="search" placeholder="Search states" class="dropdown-search"/>

This is the error i keep getting:

VM31646:100Uncaught ReferenceError: startCase is not defined(anonymous function) @ VM31646:100_.each._.forEach @ underscore.js?hash=cde485f…:149(anonymous function) @ VM31646:99DOMRange._insertNodeWithHooks @ blaze.js?hash=f33d3df…:407Blaze._DOMRange._insertNodeWithHooks @ client.coffee:17DOMRange._insert @ blaze.js?hash=f33d3df…:376DOMRange.attach @ blaze.js?hash=f33d3df…:453Blaze._DOMRange.attach @ client.coffee:57DOMRange._insert @ blaze.js?hash=f33d3df…:371DOMRange.attach @ blaze.js?hash=f33d3df…:453Blaze._DOMRange.attach @ client.coffee:57Blaze.render @ blaze.js?hash=f33d3df…:2373_render @ kadira_blaze-layout.js?hash=dbd1396…:204(anonymous function) @ kadira_blaze-layout.js?hash=dbd1396…:77_.extend.withValue @ meteor.js?hash=27829e9…:1077(anonymous function) @ meteor.js?hash=27829e9…:464(anonymous function) @ meteor.js?hash=27829e9…:1105onGlobalMessage @ meteor.js?hash=27829e9…:401

This works fine without using it in Meteor.

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