Accessing the Accessibility tree with code

TLDR: How can I programmatically access the accessibility tree of a given web page? Is there any internal API that I can call via JavaScript to view the accessibility tree?

I am building a testing suite to check the correctness of accessibility within a web page. Currently we do this by comparing the DOM, and checking that certain attributes are present and correct. I would like to move away from using the DOM because that comes with a lot of extra data that needs to be traversed, and instead check only the a11y tree for correctness. This tree is found within the dev tools/inspector of most modern day web browsers, but I can not figure out how to check it with code. Thru my research, I have found that there is a new AOM (Accessibility Object Model) that is being suggested, but is not yet implemented. I have also found that the package ‘puppeteer’ has the ability to access it. Is there any way for me to access it directly?

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