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I want to show by default 10 rows And a button with "Add a new question" so that would be the 11th row.

current row image here

Currently it’s only one row [refer to the image below]. And I want 10 initial rows and then add as required. And as many rows can add it could be able to scroll. And on submit I would have all the filled data from that input component. Maybe just console.log when to submit or to alert for now.
NOTE- using formik

Not adding code, because it’s a large component. perhaps here’s a codesandbox, When I am looking for a solution. If anyone can help me would be great. Please got stuck with this.

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  1. If you are using the functional components of React, what you can potentially do is use the useState hooks.

    For example, you will define your initial state with a list containing 10 questions.

    const [state, setState] = useState(QUESTION_LIST)

    Then, whenever you add a question, you can use the setState to add the question in.

    const add = (newQuestion) => { setState((prevState) => ([...prevState, newQuestion]))}

    For rendering, you will just need to use the map function to render all the questions in state.


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