Add Next and previous button in Angular GET API

I display a list of data on my page.
Now the client says display one and then add next and previous button for pev and next.
I can’t use pipe use these demos.

my code is.

        <div *ngFor="let l of list">        
            <ion-card mode="ios" *ngIf="!=null">
                  <div class="ion-des" [innerHTML]="| safe"></div>

and my typescript code is

 getMenu() {
      .then((data: any) => {
        this.list =;


 "Tabledata": [



I need this way-


Instead of data 1, data 2, data 3, …, data n
I need to add data 1 and Next and Previous btn on this page.

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  1. What you are looking for is "pagination".

    In my opinion a good approad is that your API only returns one item instead of a list.
    But your API needs a option to take additional query parameters like ?page=2 or ?limit=1&offset=1 which both would return the second item.

    Then you do not need to loop through the list but you only get one item and show it as a card. With a click on the next button you call your API with ?page=3 and get the next item.

    To show Page 2/10 on every page you need to return the total amount of pages too.


    You load the whole list on page load and only show one item at a time. If you click on next, show the next item in the array.


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