Ajax, CORS, null domain

Can I connect via ajax to a CORS-enabled (PHP) server from an html document open from the file system (no server / null domain)? I would confirm this myself, but I do not currently have access to a server on which I could test this.

I have some half-developed code on a project that would need to be able to connect to a server via ajax even when opened from the file system, and I’d just like to confirm that this concept works before I spend more time finishing my work

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  1. Yes as long as the server allows the AJAX request method and origin, specified in its Access-Control headers.

    "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": "*",
    "Access-Control-Allow-Methods": "GET,PUT,POST,DELETE,PATCH,OPTIONS"
    "Access-Control-Allow-Headers": "Content-Type,Authorization"

    To disable Authorization checks:

    "Access-Control-Allow-Headers": "*"

    You also need to disable web security checks for some browsers where you open the file URL, in Chrome for example:

    $ google-chrome --disable-web-security

    Safari has stricter requirements for CORS so maybe you will need to add more allowed headers (depending on your request). In Safari we need to Disable Cross-Origin Restrictions in the Safari Browser Developer menu.


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