Angular 7 doesn't find pipes

I’m trying to build my Angular 7 project but every time I get an error saying

Template parse errors: The pipe ‘currency’ could not be found.

But when I try to run the ng serve it does works as expected

I’ve tried to build it with the --prod flag, and it doesn’t work. If I remove the production flag, it builds correctly.

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  1. Try this:
    in tsconfig.json change

    "angularCompilerOptions": {
        "enableIvy": true


    "angularCompilerOptions": {
        "enableIvy": false
  2. In order to use pipes, you first need add pipe to your module declarations:

    import {CurrencyPipeComponent}  from './currencypipe.component';
      imports:      ...,
      declarations: [
    export class YourModuleWhichYourComponentIsRegistered { } 

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