Angular – Property does not exist on type

I am new to Angular. I took the following example from a book, to get familiar with javascript classes. I try to load it using main.ts . However, I get the following error: error TS2551: Property ‘_weather’ does not exist on type ‘MyClass’. Did you mean ‘weather’? Can anybody explain me why? It should work, it is a copy/paste from a book. I can make it work if I manually add _weather: string; and name: string; declarations. But it shouldn’t be necessary.

 class MyClass {
        constructor(name, weather) {
   = name;
            this._weather = weather;
        set weather(value) {
            this._weather = value;
        get weather() {
            return `Today is ${this._weather}`;
        printMessages() {
            console.log("Hello " + + ". ");
    let myData = new MyClass("Adam", "sunny");

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