Any way to add another class in here using Javascript?

In this image this is the whole div in the html I wish to have another <span>

In this span I want it to be called "Kappers" and in the class I want it to hold the variable called ExcelDataSheetPrice is there anyway to add this I have made an attempt but it doesn’t seem to work – anyone got any ideas? (currently running script on tampermonkey)

Any help appreciate it thank you

Here is the whole div

which I would like to add my span underneath the "subContent"

My code

        if (e.keycode == 39)
       // var t = document.createElement("style");
        //t.type = "text/css",
        //t.innerText = "\n    .SearchResults.ui-layout-left .listFUTItem {\n        height: 39px;\n    }\n    .SearchResults.ui-layout-left .listFUTItem .label {\n        font-size: 10px;\n  }\n    .SearchResults.ui-layout-left .auction {\n        margin-top: 0 !important;\n        font-size: 12px;\n        top: 4px;\n    }\n",
        const div = $('.column');
        div.append('<span class="Kappers">+ExcelDataSheetPrice+</span>')
        }, 500);

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