Array not iterable when returned by an async function in JavaScript

I’m using vuex on a project. on the store I made a function that returns, form an API, the info of all the users from an array of ids. something like this:

async function getUsersdata(userIds){
  let userData = new Array()
  userIds.forEach(async (id) => {
    const url = baseUrl + id + '/'
    const data = await getUserDetails(url)
  return userData 

later I use this function and when I try to do a foreach on the array that the function returns the forech doesn’t work. But if console log the entire array, the array displays correctly

let Users = await getUsersdata(idArray)
console.log(await Users)
Users.forEach(User => console.log(

also when I try to console log the length of the array it returns undefined or 0, and when I use functions such as .sort() or .map() it doesn’t execute either.

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