Asynchronous behavior when calling a function from a react component

In a functional react component I have a declared a state variable (with useState) called IsCached. In Contains the following clickable image.

    <img src={imgSource} alt="button images"
         var return_value = CachePDF(props.docLink)
         if (return_value === true){


My goal is that this button will call a function CachePDF and then set the state variable to 1 or 0 based on if that function was successful. Here is my CachePDF function:

export function CachePDF(url) {'favorites').then(function(cache) {
      var updateCache = cache.add(url);
      updateCache.then(function() {
        console.log("article was cached in favorites")"documents").then(function(cache){
            cache.delete(url).then(console.log("article removed from documents cache"))
        return true
      }).catch(function (error) {
        console.log("article was not cached in favorites")
        return false

Right now the problem I am having is that the output of console.log(return_value) is undefined, which I believe is happening due to to asynchronous behavior. At first I thought I could return a promise in CachePDF to ensure that the code to change the variable IsCached is not called until the CachePDF function is completed. But from what I understand I would need to define the .then method for the returned promise inside the CachePDF function and therefore that .then method could not access the state variable inside my functional component. So I am somewhat stuck

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