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I have got a 3rd party website, which my customer wants to me to login into in order to download some data periodicaly.
The data is customer specific, and password protected.
I have the username/password, and I have searched for ways to do the login automatically so that I can pull data, but so far with no success.
This is a method that I have tried:

When I look into the login page of the website which I am trying to login to (view source), I don’t see the login form, but if I click on “inspect element” in chrome on the fields of the page it does show that there is a login form hiding in there.
Any suggestions

Here is the website which I need to autologin to: unfortunatlly it’s not in english. The first field is the username, the second field is the password and the button is the login

Taking pomeh’s advice, I was able to find the jQuery code that is being triggerted when the text boxes are being modified. Now I want to run this script manually using element.DomContainer.Eval

(function(n,t){function vi(n){var t=n.length,r=i.type(n);return i.isWindow(n)?!1:1===n.nodeType&&t?!0:"array"===r||"function"!==r&&(0===t||"number"==typeof t&&t>0&&t-1 in n)}function ne(n){var t=li[n]={};return i.each(n.match(s)||[],function(n,i){t[i]=!0}),t}function uu(n,r,u,f){if(i.acceptData(n)){var s,h,c=i.expando,a="string"==typeof r,l=n.nodeType,o=l?i.cache:n,e=l?n[c]:n[c]&&c;if(e&&o[e]&&(f||o[e].data)||!a||u!==t)return e||(l?n[c]=e=tt.pop()||i.guid++:e=c),o[e]||(o[e]={},l||(o[e].toJSON=i.noop)),("object"==typeof r||"function"==typeof r)&&
(t=n(this);r=r.not(t),t.removeData(f),r.length||clearTimeout(c)},add:function(t){function s(t,u,e){var s=n(this),,f);o.w=u!==i?u:s.width(),o.h=e!==i?e:s.height(),r.apply(this,arguments)}if(!u[o]&&this[e])return!1;var r;if(n.isFunction(t))return r=t,s;r=t.handler,t.handler=s}}}(jQuery,this)

I am not sure how to activate it and give it the relevant data.

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