Await functions but do them synchrony, then call the last function

So I am working with Vue, Node and typescript.
I am fetching data that all my other functions are needing, so getDataForFunction123() needs an await and its fine.

Then I have 3 functions that is fetching different stuff, not depending on each other. But all answers is used by the last function updateAfterFunction123IsDone(). But when I have it like now, we need to wait synchrony for function 1, 2 and 3. It takes a lot of time.
I want to make function 1, 2 and 3 to just do there stuff at the same time but also want to know when all 3 is done and then call updateAfterFunction123IsDone().

Here is the code:

async initData () {
  await this.getDataForFunction123();

  await this.function1();
  await this.function2();
  await this.function3();


I don’t think that an Promise.all() will solve this issue? Because it is also doing the function in a order and not in the same time? Right? That will not save me time, but save me some error handling?

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