axios.get first time response is empty using useState and useEffect

I dont know why first time response is empty, I have tried several ways, using loading and without , using ... thing also. can someone help me out what am I doing wrong ? No idea even why I get console 2 or 3 times even [here is my console][1]

    const Product = (props) => {
        const artikeId = props.match.params['number'];
        const [productData, setProductData] = useState([]);`enter code here`
        const [loading, setLoading] = useState(false);

        useEffect( () => {
            const fetchData = async () => {
                await axios.get(`http://localhost:8081/products/${artikeId}`)
                    .then(res => {
                        //    setProductData([...productData,]);
        }, []);


        return <div>
If it works I will return {productData[0].name} etc etc
    export default Product```


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