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I have been searching how to get a notification badge on the tab of the website page like in the image below, but couldn’t find much, or anything that works. I have made a chat site and want people to know if there is a new notification in the channel they are in. But I just need to know how I can get a red badge button on the site favicon or something like that.

Preferably something like how Discord has done:

enter image description here

I have tried this, but doesn’t seem to work:

var count = 0;

var title = document.title;

function changeTitle() {
    var newTitle = '(' + count + ') ' + title;
    document.title = newTitle;

function newUpdate() {
    update = setInterval(changeTitle, 2000);
var docBody = document.getElementById('site-body');
docBody.onload = newUpdate;

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