Cannot pass condition as boolean in Angular

I want to try to pass a condition in a string clause because these parameters are in the target component:


export class TestComponent implements OnInit {
  condition: boolean;

  ngOnInit() {
    this.condition = !" === 2";

However, I cannot use this condition in the target component:


@Input() condition;

<button *ngIf="!condition" mat-menu-item (click)="openDialog(element)">Edit</button>

Here is the demo for this problem:


Why I do not add these parameters manually to the target component is that; it is reusable component and the conditions may be different for another component. So, how can I pass condition from another component?

just have a look at <button *ngIf=" % 2 === 0" mat-menu-item (click)="openDialog(element)">Edit</button>. Instead of setting *ngIf=" % 2 === 0, I need to pass % 2 === 0part from another component e.g. condition:‘ % 2 === 0’. Then I need to get that option via @Input` in this component. But I receive it as string and when I convert it it always returns true 🙁

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