Change tile at TileLayer at state change

My question is how to change url of tile map in that case:

function ChangeView({ center, zoom }) {
    const map = useMap();
    map.setView(center, zoom);
    return null;

function TrackerMap({ darkMode, countries, casesType, center, zoom}) {

    const currentTheme = useContext(ThemeContext);
    const mapTheme = darkMode ? `{z}/{x}/{y}{r}.png` : `https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png`;

    return (
        <MapWrapper currentTheme={currentTheme}>
            <MapContainer center={center} zoom={zoom}>
                <ChangeView center={center} zoom={zoom} />  

I would like to toggle TileLayer style in relation with darkMode props value. But in that implementation the new values at darkMode proprs dont trigger a changes at <TileLayer />

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