Changing text with onfocus in span

I’m learning javascript and working on a practice problem, but I’m having a hard time understanding what exactly it wants me to do.

The ask is:

Get the “pn” and “reminder” elements by their ids and assign them to the variables pn and rm, respectively. When pn receives focus, change the innerHTML of rm to the text “Format: 123-456-7890”. When pn is blurred, change the innerHTML of rm to an empty string (“”)

So my html is:

        Phone Number:
        <input type="text" id="pn"> <span id="reminder"></span><br><br>

The wording is so strange to me. So when the text box receives focus, the innerHTML should change? Does that mean I should be changing the "Phone Number"

If so, I think the javascript code would be (i think):

   var rm = document.getElementById('reminder');
   rm.innerText = span.textContent = 'Format: 123-456-7890';

I’m not sure how to make it change when I focus on the text box, but think I should be using onfocus, which would probably look something like:

  document.getElementById("pn").addEventListener("focus", myFunction);

  function myFunction() {

But i’m not sure how to connect the two. Any suggestions?

I don’t really understand what the second part is asking: When pn is blurred, change the innerHTML of rm to an empty string (“”)

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