Checking for multiple keys in a JavaScript object?

Is there a native or library function for checking multiple keys at once?

Say this is my object:

const foo = {};
foo.superLongNameNeededByPackage = {cat: {black: 1}, hat: 2, bat:3, mat: 12}
// { superLongNameNeededByPackage : {cat: {black: 1}, hat: 2, bat:3, mat: 12} }

And I want to check that it has various keys on it, if there a way to do this?

const isReadyForHalloween = hasMultipleKeys(foo.superLongNameNeededByPackage,
  ['', 'hat', 'bat']);

I’m aware of lodash’s has as well as the fact I can write my own using Object.keys and every but I was hoping to avoid it if possible, becuse it would still feel overly verbose and requires writing out the full formulation.

const arr = Object.keys(foo.superLongNameNeededByPackage);
arr.every(item => item.hasOwnProperty("a")
               && item.hasOwnProperty("b")
               && item.hasOwnProperty("c") );

But I don’t want to be writing out hasOwnProperty each time, and may want to supply my key list as its own variable.

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  1. Although lodash doesn’t have a built in function, you can create hasMultipleKeys() using _.overArgs().

    The function takes the array of keys, and an object you wish to check. The array is passed directly to _.every() (via _.identity()), while the object is applied to _.has() (using _.curry()) to create the predicate for the _.every() function.

    const hasMultipleKeys = _.overArgs(_.every, [_.identity, _.curry(_.has)])
    const foo = {cat: {black: 1}, hat: 2, bat:3, mat: 12}
    console.log(hasMultipleKeys(['', 'hat', 'bat'], foo)) // true
    console.log(hasMultipleKeys(['', 'nothing', 'bat'], foo)) // false
    <script src=""></script>
  2. Here is my solution:

    > const objectContains = (object, keys) => keys.every(k => k in object)
    > const o = { a: 0, b: 1 }
    > objectContains(o, ['a', 'b'])
    > objectContains(o, ['a', 'b', 'c'])
  3. You could take two functions, one to check the path and another to check if all keys are in the object.

    function has(object, path) {
        return path.split('.').every(k => object.hasOwnProperty(k) && (object = object[k]));
    function hasMultipleKeys(object, keys) {
        return keys.every(has.bind(null, object));
    const foo = {};
    foo.superLongNameNeededByPackage = { cat: { black: 1 }, hat: 2, bat: 3, mat: 12 };
    const isReadyForHalloween = hasMultipleKeys(foo.superLongNameNeededByPackage,  ['', 'hat', 'bat']);

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