chrome.runtime.onInstalled.addListener manifest version 3 migration from version 2

I have a 2yr old chrome extension for Gmail which I am updating to version 3.
I transfer JSON data to/from my server using iframes and this works well using version 2 or 3.

The problem I have is with background.js (which works with version 2)

//background.js reloads gmail when extension installed or refreshed

chrome.tabs.query({url: "*"}, function(tab) {
  if ( typeof tab[0].url != 'undefined' && tab[0].url.indexOf('') == 0 ) {


In manifest V2 it was declared like this:

"background": {
"scripts": ["background.js"],
"persistent": false //true


In manifest V3 we now have to use a service worker:

"background": [{
"service_worker": "background.js"


There are 2 questions:

  1. I believe I need this or do I? so that when the extension is updated in the chrome store and then in the browser this causes Chrome – Gmail to reload and use the latest version. Please correct me if I’m wrong in this assumption. If I’m in developer mode (chrome://extensions) using the unpacked version using the refresh button will reload the extension and Gmail.
  2. I can’t figure out how a service worker would work as they aren’t persistent by nature and this "Listener" needs to be listening all the time.
    Does anyone have an example of a service worker/background.js migration from Version 2 to 3?

Further info: Migrating from background pages to service workers


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