Cognos 11 HTML button javascript to return from main report to specific Prompt Page

i have a report with 3 prompt pages. page 1 is intro/description, page 2 is filter page1, page 2 is filter page2 which had the Finish prompt button to execute the report.

i had a request from our users to have the ability to return from the report output to a prompt page so they can reset the filters selected. i had tried something i hadn’t ever tried before which turns out to work but not exactly as they intended.

i placed a prompt button on the report output and set it to type ‘Back’ which is somewhat acceptable as a workaround. it works but returns to the prompt page1 which is the intro/description which they’d rather not see again. The users would like it to return to prompt page 2 rather than page 1.

i’ve tried various onclick functions trying to return it to the 2nd prompt page with no luck. has anyone done this before?

goal being to click a ‘back’ button from the report output page (html) and go back to prompt page2 to be able to alter filter selection. another good thing is that the previous selections are preserved with this ‘back’ button setup.

the prompt ‘back’ button returns to prompt page1 which is the hierarchy of the prompt pages, which makes sense but it would be perfect if javascript or other could cause the return to be to the 2nd prompt page.

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