create an empty object based on pattern of another object

I have an object like this:

const Media = {

    references: { analyze: [432, 5], translate: ["string", false] },
    extensions: { analyze: ["something"], translate: ["something here"] },
    words: ["a word"],
    brackets: [],
    pronounce: [],

    instructions: {
        Expand_Explain: ['Before_First_Movie_Watch_Explain', 'Before_First_Movie_Watch_Explain2', 'Before_First_Movie_Watch_Explain3'],
        Hot_Tutorial: ['1', 'some element', 2],
        Next: [54, true, "string"],

And I want to create another object with only instructions property with empty arrays inside:

So this is the desired result:

const NewEmptyMedia = {
    instructions: {
        Expand_Explain: [],
        Hot_Tutorial: [],
        Next: [],

Note: the pattern is the same for instructions property always but the number of properties inside instructions is variable.

I created a loop to do this but I need to check multiple if statements and it’s really ugly…

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