Create 'Automatic copy to clipboard' javascript

I want a page to copy some preset text to the clipboard for a user on load.

function myFunction() {
  var copyText = document.getElementById("myInput");;
  copyText.setSelectionRange(0, 99999)
  alert("Copied the text: " + copyText.value);

function myClick() {
<body onload="myClick()">
    <input type="text" value="COPIED" id="myInput">
    <button onclick="myFunction()" id="myButton">Copy text</button>

The alert appears and the console logs the value – COPIED

But the text isn’t actually copied to the clipboard. Clicking on the button ‘Copy text’ – does work?

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  1. You can’t put something in the user’s clipboard except in response to an overt action of theirs — for instance, a button click. Think about it: You put something in your clipboard, browse a web page, and then click paste and something completely unexpected gets pasted. That’s not okay, so browsers don’t let you do it.

    In a comment you’ve asked:

    Can I ask for permission onload ?

    The recent asynchronous clipboard API is associated with the "clipboard-write" permission. For instance, this code works on page load when I run it from a secure context:

    navigator.permissions.query({name: "clipboard-write"})
    .then(({state}) => {
        console.log(`permission response: ${state}`);
        if (state === "granted") {
            const data = [new ClipboardItem({ "text/plain": new Blob([`The time is ${new Date()}`], { type: "text/plain" }) })];
                () => {
                    console.log("Clipboard write succeeded");
                () => {
                    console.error("Clipboard write failed");

    I’m slightly unhappy to see that it doesn’t even prompt me to grant the permission (even in Brave, which is fairly privacy-focussed). Oddly, as far as I can tell, I have Brave configured to ask me when applications want access to the clipboard, but I don’t get any prompt.

    As a user, I would be very cross if a website wrote to my clipboard under any circumstances other than me clicking a button clearly labelled "Copy to clipboard" or similar. It would likely make me never visit that site again.


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