CSS+ HTML + JAVA – Add link to language option / combo box

good day. See the code below. I have 4 languages. I want to add a link to each languages, so as to access a new page every time I choose the language from the combo. How can I do this?

<!-- FLAGS -->
<div class="language-picker js-language-picker" data-trigger-class="btn btn--subtle js-tab-focus">
  <form action="" class="language-picker__form">
    <label for="language-picker-select">Select your language </label>

    <select name="language-picker-select" id="language-picker-select">
      <option lang="de" value="deutsch">Deutsch</option>
      <option lang="en" value="english" selected>English</option>
      <option lang="fr" value="francais">Français</option>
      <option lang="it" value="italiano">Italiano</option>
<!-- FLAGS -->

For example, I change this line, add a link. But is not working.

<option lang="de" value="deutsch" <a href="https://google.com">Deutsch</a> </option>

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