Debouncing event handlers in AlpineJS x-init directive

I’m trying to add scroll event listeners to x-refs (I don’t want to add them in the DOM with @scroll.debounce, because I want it to be as portable as possible).

Codepen here:

<div x-data="xOverflow()" x-init="init()" style="width:50%;border:1px solid red;position:relative;overflow:hidden;">
  <div x-ref="wrapper" style="overflow-x:auto;">
  <div x-ref="content" style="width:1000px;border:1px solid blue; height:500px;">
    <div>wrapper.clientWidth: <span x-text="$refs.wrapper.clientWidth"></span></div>
    <div>content.clientWidth: <span x-text="$refs.content.clientWidth"></span></div>
    <div>overflow: <span x-text="overflow"></span>
  <div x-show="overflow" style="position:absolute;top:0;left:90%;right:0;bottom:0;background:rgba(0,0,0,.15);"></div>
function xOverflow() {
    return {

        // methods
        setFromResize() {
            this.overflow = this.$refs?.wrapper?.clientWidth < this.$refs?.content?.clientWidth
            console.log(`resize: overflow is ${this.overflow}`);
        setFromScroll(e) {
            this.overflow = !( == this.$refs?.content?.clientWidth - this.$refs?.wrapper?.clientWidth);
            console.log(`scroll: overflow is ${this.overflow}`);

        init() {
            window.addEventListener("resize", event => _.debounce(this.setFromResize(), 250));
            this.$refs?.wrapper.addEventListener("scroll", event => _.debounce(this.setFromScroll(event)));

What I am trying to detect if the clientWidth of $refs.content is larger than $refs.wrapper. When the window resizes, this should be detected again.

In addition to that, I want to show an overlay (if content is overflowing), that should be removed when scrolled to the end.

I could do it by just slapping @resize.window.debounce on the root element, and @scroll.debounce on the wrapper element. But I want this component to be portable, by just adding x-data, x-init and x-refs, without worrying about attaching event listeners.

I tried adding lodash debounce to the eventlisteners, but the functions gets called for each event, and not debounced. Check the console.log for proof.

Can anyone help me get this right?

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