Detach Event originating from htc File

I have htc-file from where events (public:attach event) are loaded. In my case I want to disable/detach the ondblclick-event which is loaded from the htc file. Finally it is a grid from where the event is fired, in the expando there are the options given to the target method.

When I go through the element tree I can’t find the event attached to any element, so I am a little bit confused where to find it and where to detach/overwrite it. The event is called by “firevent” at several places.

Any idea how to get rid of it?

(The htc file I am talking about is Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb_static_grid\, I try to solve this problem:
Override standard method called by double click event in CRM grid. but thought this might be good as it’s own topic)

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