Discord.js bot update activity

I wanted to create an updating status with all kind of activity on my BOT. This is the code of what I have done so far:

const activities = [
            type : "PLAYING",
            activity : "with the ball"
            type : "WATCHING",
            activity : "your soul"

    for (var i = 0; i < activities.length; i++) {
        setInterval(() => client.user.setActivity(`${activities[i].activity}`, { type: `${activities[i].type}` }));

When I try to start the BOT, the terminal shows

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘activity’ of undefined

Probably the code is totally wrong, but I’m not very good at javascript. Any suggestions?

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  1. the setInterval will force an async operation, but the stack value works only in the loop context. You can create another variable first, javascripts Garbage Collector will notice "oh i can’t clean up this, i need it later", so javascript still have this value in his stack

    for (var i = 0; i < activities.length; i++) {
        const putonstack = activities[i];
        setInterval(() => client.user.setActivity(`${putonstack.activity}`, { type: `${putonstack.type}` }));

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