Discord.js reaction collector wont work with custom emojis

I have been having a problem while coding my bot where my reaction collector will work with Unicode emojis, but not my server’s custom emojis. I want the reaction to send a message into the channel. It currently only works with Unicode emojis. Is there a certain way I should be doing this?

        .then(collected => {
          const reaction = collected.first();

          if (reaction.emoji.name === "😀") {
          if (reaction.emoji.name === "<:Peasant:797613974173515786>") {

3 thoughts on “Discord.js reaction collector wont work with custom emojis”

  1. If you’re using the awaitReactions method, then your promise is unfulfilled. Check this for more info. To solve this, all you have to do is add return to your program, thus fulfilling the promise.

    Instead of message.channel.send("Smile") and message.channel.send("Peasant"), send return message.channel.send("Smile") and return message.channel.send("Peasant") instead.


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