DiscordJS Error – ReferenceError: member is not defined

When I try to execute this code (for a warn system in Discord.JS), I have this error
ReferenceError: member is not defined

    name: 'warn',
    description: 'Pour warn un membre',
    execute(message, args, Client){

        if(!message.member.hasPermission("BAN_MEMBERS")) return message.channel.send("Tu n'as pas les permissions de warn un membre");
        if(message.channel.type == "dm") return;
            let mention = message.mentions.members.first();
            const reason = args.slice(1).join(' ') 
            if(mention == undefined){
                message.reply("Membre non-menntionné ou mal mentionné");
            else {
                if (!reason) return message.channel.send("Veuillez indiquer une raison")        
                if (!Client.warn.warns[member.id]) Client.warn.warns[member.id] = []
                    date: Date.now(),
                    mod: message.author.id
                fs.writeFileSync('./commands/bdd/warns.js', JSON.stringify[Client.warn])
                message.channel.send(`${member} a été warn pour ${reason}`)

Can you help me ?


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