Dispatch works every other time in children in a loop in useeffect

I recently start learning React. I have problem when use dispatch in UseEffect, which is inside the child in the loop. I can’t publish all project, but below piece of code:

On the home page online store products are displayed. In a separate component there is a small card that is displayed using the map loop:

<Row className='mt-20'>
  {products.map(product => (
    <ProductItem key={product._id} product={product} history={history} />

Child component code:

const ProductItem = ({ product, history }) => {
    const dispatch = useDispatch()

    const reviewList = useSelector(state => state.reviewList)
    const { reviews } = reviewList

    useEffect(() => {
        let clean = false

        if (!clean) dispatch(listReviewsDetailsByProductId(product._id))

        return () => (clean = true)
    }, [dispatch, product])

    const productRate =
        reviews.reduce((acc, item) => item.rating + acc, 0) / reviews.length || 0

    return (
        <Col xl='3' sm='6'>
                        className={'product-img position-relative ' + styles.wrapperImage}
                        <Link to={'/product/' + product.slug}>
                            {product.images[0] && (
                                    className='mx-auto d-block img-fluid'
                    <div className='mt-4 text-center'>
                        <h5 className='mb-3 text-truncate'>
                            <Link to={'/product/' + product.slug} className='text-dark'>
                                {product.name}{' '}
                        {reviews && (
                            <div className='mb-3'>
                                <StarRatingsCustom rating={productRate} size='14' />
                        <ProductPrice price={product.price} newPrice={product.newPrice} />

I use dispatch action to get reviews for a specific product from the server and then calculate the rating and display it. Unfortunately, it works every other time, the rating appears, then disappears. I would be grateful for your help!

Warning: Can’t perform a React state update on an unmounted component. This is a no-op, but it indicates a memory leak in your application. To fix, cancel all subscriptions and asynchronous tasks in a useEffect cleanup function.
in SingleProduct (created by Context.Consumer)
in Route (at Root.jsx:96)

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