Do Vuex Getters return a reference (array, object, whatever) to the state?

We have a Vue Cli using Vue 2. Vuex and TypeScript are installed

Currently we’re getting some vuex state data (via a vuex getter). Then working with it. However, if we mutate the "gotten data" it affects the vuex state. It seems crazy! Here’s a very silly stripped down version of a services module:

// vuex
import { mapState } from 'vuex'
// store
import store from './../store';
// types
import { ServiceType } from './../types/services'

export default class TestService implements ServiceType {

  serviceFunction(someArray: Array<number>) {

    // this will return some nested/multidimensional data:
    // [
    //   { prop: [[1, 2, 3, 4]] }
    // ]
    let data = store.getters['getTestStoreData'] 
      data[0].prop[0] = someArray          // doesn't mutate the state 
      data[0].prop = [someArray]           // mutates the state
      data[0].prop.splice(0, 1, someArray) // mutates the state

The very very stripped down getter looks something like this:

getTestStoreData(state) { return }

So 2 of the 3 above will mutate the store, since they mutate the data variable… Which leads me to believe the getter passes a reference of the state data.

Anyone have insight into this? Or know a good way to handle it?
I’ve got some ideas about passing just the nested data from the store. This stackoverflow answer is some of the best insight I’ve found.

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