DOM change font color by using addEventListener

I am a beginner of JS and HTML.
I encounter a problem with changing the font color by using addEventListener

here is my part of HTML code

   <input type = 'color' class = 'color'>

here is my js code.

// this is for class color 
const color = document.querySelectorAll('.color');

// I have 2 div block which contains messages.

const showTextBox = document.querySelectorAll('.mtext1');

// for each message, they correspond to the different color boxes.

color.forEach((element, index) => {
  element.addEventListener('click', function (e) {

    showTextBox[index].style.color = color[index].value;

the situation I encounter is when I click the color box, it pops up the Palette, and then you have to "click" again for choosing the color. However, that addEventListener only available for the first click.

What I thought is maybe I can use nested addEventListener?
or does javascript has a more efficient way to change color dynamically(or responsively) to solve double click situation?

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