Event resource – returned by Google Calendar 'Get' method – not returning Attendees for events

I am trying to modify Manas Tungare’s Google Calendar CRX Chrome Extension. The extension provides a quick overview of your Google Calendar on every tab.

I am trying to add Attendee names for each event in the view above. However, the Events Resource being returned by the ‘Get’ method in the Google Calendar API does not seem to have the Attendees field for the events. The API page for the ‘Get’ method here indicates that an Event resource is returned, and the Event resource page here seems to indicate that Attendees field should be passed as a part of the resource.

I have linked the Github project below as well. The relevant code for this is in the browser_action.js file

chrome.extension.sendMessage({method: 'events.feed.get'}, browseraction.showEventsFromFeed_);

browseraction.showEventsFromFeed_ = function(events) {

Console log output for the events array (each event in the ‘events’ array returns the fields as given below)

allday: false

description: ""

end: 1613449800000

event_id: "<my_event_id>"

feed: {backgroundColor: "#9fe1e7", description: "", editable: true, foregroundColor: "#000000", id: "<my_email_id>", …}

gcal_url: "https://www.google.com/calendar/event?eid=<my_event_id>"

hangout_url: "https://meet.google.com/<my_url>"

reminders: [{…}]

responseStatus: "needsAction"

start: 1613448000000

title: "<my_event_title>"

I am not sure why this is happening – could someone please help me understand why this is happening and how I can get the Attendee list? FYI, events are being created and attendees are being added within Google Calendar itself (non-programmatically). Aim is to programmatically retrieve the attendee list for use in the modified Google Chrome extension as described above.

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