Event target doesn't exist on the lib dom interface in typescript defintion

I’m building out a simple color picker for a front end using typescript. I’m adding an event listener to the color picker input:

The html:

<input id="color-picker" type="color" value="" />

The typescript:

private grabUiElements() {
  this.colorPicker = document.querySelector("#color-picker")

private addListners() {
  this.colorPicker?.addEventListener("change", this.updateBrickColor.bind(this))

 private updateBrickColor(changeEvent: Event) {
    let hexColor = changeEvent?.target?.value // ! here's where the problem is

    const red = hexColor & 0xFF
    color >>= 8
    const green = hexColor & 0xFF
    color >>= 8
    const blue = hexColor & 0xFF


The problem I’m running into is that the typescript compiler is telling me that the event target doesn’t have a value property, but it definitely does have it:

value def exists

I double checked the input change event docs on MDN and they definitely have an example of just this:



And I’m definitely using the dom Event interface:

dom event interface

So I’m not sure why I’m getting the error. I know I can use an any for the parameter type, but I’d prefer to know what I’m doing wrong.

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