FabricJS Alternating between canvas elements?

Let’s say I have two canvas elements:

<canvas id="c1" width="400" height="300"></canvas>
<canvas id="c2" width="400" height="300"></canvas>
<canvas id="c3" width="400" height="300"></canvas>

From looking at the docs, it tells me that I can use this to convert the canvas into a FabricJS canvas.

var c = new fabric.Canvas('c1', {
    preserveObjectStacking: true,
    isDrawingMode: false

Now, if I wanted to do something with this new canvas, adding a circle for instance, I could use this function:

function AddCircle() {
  var object = new fabric.Circle({
      radius: 15,
      fill: 'blue',
      left: 100,
      top: 100

Now, this is all well and good for c1 but c2 and c3 won’t do anything because it’s never being initialized. So is it possible to alternate between FabricJS canvas elements?

I’d like the functionality to be similar to activeCanvas.add(object) instead of just c.add(object).

Before you respond, please note that I’m well aware that I could just use the same method for the c2 element, but I’d like to alternate between canvas elements instead as I have something planned for that.

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