fill out input field in iframe with Javascript

I’m using Stripe for payment, and angular e2e for testing. I want to add the card testdata into the payment window. Stripe injects an iframe incl. form elements into #card-element (which is part of my markup), but with no form name and no ids. This is part of the markup after Stripe has injected the payment container:

<div id="card-element" class="StripeElement StripeElement--empty">
 <div class="__PrivateStripeElement">
  <iframe frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" scrolling="no" name="__privateStripeFrame5395" allowpaymentrequest="true" src="" ></iframe>

Inside the iframe is (still only showing part of the markup):

<form class="ElementsApp is-empty" dir="ltr">
 <div tabindex="-1" class="CardNumberField CardNumberField--ltr">
  <div class="CardNumberField-input-wrapper">
   <input class="InputElement is-empty Input Input--empty" autocomplete="cc-number" autocorrect="off" spellcheck="false" type="text" name="cardnumber" data-elements-stable-field-name="cardNumber" inputmode="numeric" aria-label="Kredit- eller debetkortnummer" placeholder="Kortnummer" aria-invalid="false" value="">
 <button tabindex="-1" aria-hidden="true" type="submit"></button>

// Full selector from inspector:
//#root > form > div > > span.CardField-number.CardField-child > span:nth-child(2) > div > div.CardNumberField-input-wrapper > span > input

I’ve managed to select the card-element and the iframe:

var cont = document.getElementById('card-element');
console.log(cont); // i get the card-element markup
var iframe = cont.getElementsByTagName('iframe');

iframe shows this in the console:

HTMLCollection []
0: iframe
length: 1
__privateStripeFrame3085: iframe
__proto__: HTMLCollection

From here i’m kinda stuck, i’m clicking around in the iframe[0] array, but i can’t find name="cardnumber" in the list, searching for it gives me 15 hits, but the dataset is not opened, so still stuck. CardNumberField-input-wrapper gives only 3 hits, but same issue, not opening…

So my question is, how do i manage to fill data into the input field called "cardnumber"?

BTW: I’m also aware of cross-domain issues, but i haven’t hit those (yet) and are not sure if i will since the iframe is injected from Stripe.

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