Find out whether Chrome console is open

I am using this little script to find out whether Firebug is open:

if (window.console && window.console.firebug) {
    //is open

And it works well. Now I was searching for half an hour to find a way to detect whether Google Chrome’s built-in web developer console is open, but I couldn’t find any hint.


if (window.console && {
    //is open

doesn’t work.


So it seems that it is not possible to detect whether the Chrome console is open. But there is a “hack” that works, with some drawbacks:

  • will not work when console is undocked
  • will not work when console is open on page load

So, I am gonna choose Unsigned´s answer for now, but if some1 comes up with a brilliant idea, he is welcome to still answer and I change the selected answer! Thanks!

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