Get text between two rounded brackets

How can I retrieve the word my from between the two rounded brackets in the following sentence using a regex in JavaScript?

“This is (my) simple text”

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  1. For anyone looking to return multiple texts in multiple brackets

    var testString = "(Charles) de (Gaulle), (Paris) [CDG]"
    var reBrackets = /\((.*?)\)/g;
    var listOfText = [];
    var found;
    while(found = reBrackets.exec(testString)) {
  2. console.log(
      "This is (my) simple text".match(/\(([^)]+)\)/)[1]

    \( being opening brace, ( — start of subexpression, [^)]+ — anything but closing parenthesis one or more times (you may want to replace + with *), ) — end of subexpression, \) — closing brace. The match() returns an array ["(my)","my"] from which the second element is extracted.

  3. to return multiple items within rounded brackets

     var res2=str.split(/(|)/);
      var items=res2.filter((ele,i)=>{
      if(i%2!==0) {
      return ele;
  4. You may also try a non-regex method (of course if there are multiple such brackets, it will eventually need looping, or regex)

    init = txt.indexOf('(');
    fin = txt.indexOf(')');
  5. to get fields from string formula.

    var txt = "{{abctext/lsi)}} = {{abctext/lsi}} + {{adddddd}} / {{ttttttt}}";
    re = /\{{(.*?)\}}/g;

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