Git ignore node_modules

I have a file structure like this

master is:

exercise files are:


EACH one of these folders has a node_modules folder that I want to ignore

My .gitignore file is located in:


content of .gitignore:


git still won’t ignore the node_modules folders. Is there something I need to run in git? Is my folder in the right place>

I have not committed anything yet but the repo is initiated

2 thoughts on “Git ignore node_modules”

  1. You can simply specify it as node_modules/ in the .gitignore file and it will traverse through your parent folder as well as subfolders and ignore all directories called node_modules in each of your subfolders, as opposed to having to specify .gitignore files in each of your subdirectories.

    Hope this helps you. Good day!

  2. Every folder should have a different .gitignore file, since all of those folders are different projects.
    The fact that makes them different projects is that each of them have a different node_modules folder.

    Change .gitignore content to

    # dependencies

    and put a copy in every folder.


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