google sign-in Storagerelay URI is not allowed for 'NATIVE' client type

I have been trying this simple google sign-in by following this tutorials:

The code is very simple and I’m exactly following the same steps as given in these tutorials, but I end up in the below error.

400. That’s an error.

Error: invalid_request

Storagerelay URI is not allowed for 'NATIVE' client type

Storagerelay URI is not allowed for 'NATIVE'

In my credentials I have the configuration like below:

credentials configuration

My Code goes like below:

<meta name="google-signin-client_id" content="">
<script src="" async defer></script>

<div id="gSignIn"></div>

function onSuccess(googleUser) {
    var profile = googleUser.getBasicProfile();
    gapi.client.load('plus', 'v2', function () {
        var request ={
            'userId': 'me'
        //Display the user details
        request.execute(function (resp) {
function onFailure(error) {
function renderButton() {
    gapi.signin2.render('gSignIn', {
        'scope': 'profile email',
        'width': 240,
        'height': 50,
        'longtitle': true,
        'theme': 'dark',
        'onsuccess': onSuccess,
        'onfailure': onFailure
function signOut() {
    var auth2 = gapi.auth2.getAuthInstance();
    auth2.signOut().then(function () {

Every time when I click “Sign in with Google” button, new pop-up opens and 400 error throws up.

I also tried growing throw these answers in stackoverflow, but now luck.

  1. Google OAuth 2 authorization – Error: redirect_uri_mismatch
  2. Google Sign-in is not working

My Basic idea is to integrate sign in with google for my web-app, as said in this video, let me know whether this approach is good.

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