How Can I find any Object when I know property value of object

I try create shortcut to icon (html element), which is object and this object has some methods for example. openWindow(), and I want that, when I will click on shortcut,this shortcut run method this object (orginal html element).


class File{
  constructor(fileName){ = fileName;
  this.element = document.createElement("div");
    console.log("You opened",;

const orginalElement = new File("file1");

const shortcut = orginalElement.cloneNode(true);
shortcut.addEventListener('click', openWindow);

Maybe I should use WeakMap or something other I don’t know.
So Is any method, which can return object when I know property value of object?
Because in my code each object has ‘id’ property and thoose shortcuts has attribute ‘id’ which should be same as property id of orginal object.

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