How do I format a number to 2 decimal places, but only if there are already decimals?

I have a jQuery 1.5+ script, and you select a quantity in a drop-down menu (1,2,3, etc) and it multiplies that quantity by $1.50 to show you a total price. Basically – it’s multiplying the quantity selected (1, 2, 3, etc) by the base price of $1.50 – BUT – I can’t figure out how to display the price correctly with decimals – example: if you select a quantity of 2, the price displays correctly as $3 (no decimals). But, if you choose 1, or 3, the price displays as $1.5 / $4.5 – missing a 0 in the hundredths decimal place.

Here’s the code – any idea how to show a second 0 in the case that there are not already two decimals? $3 should stay as $3, but $4.5 should become $4.50, etc – I can’t get it to work without showing ALL numbers to two decimals, and that’s where I’m stuck!

<script type='text/javascript'>     
    $(function() {         
        $('#myQuantity').change(function() {             
            var x = $(this).val();                      
            $('#myAmount').text('$'+(x*1.5));// this is the part that isn't displaying decimals correctly!

I’m experimenting with something like result = num.toFixed(2); but can’t get it to work yet.

Thank you Kindly!

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  1. Working example:

    $(document).ready(function() {
        $('#itemQuantitySelect_3').change(function() {
            var itemPrice = 1.50;
            var itemQuantity = $(this).val();
            var quantityPrice = (itemPrice * itemQuantity);
            if(Math.round(quantityPrice) !== quantityPrice) {
                quantityPrice = quantityPrice.toFixed(2);
            $(this).next("span").html("$" + quantityPrice);
    <script src=""></script>
    <form action="/" method="post">
        <select id='itemQuantitySelect_3' name="itemQuantity_3">
            <option value='1'>1 Item</option>
            <option value='2'>2 Items</option>
            <option value='3'>3 Items</option>
  2. There’s actually a much more dynamic solution to achieve this. This is useful especially when your number of digits will change.

    var formattedNumber = (x * 1.5).toFixed(2).replace(/\.0+$|(\.\d*[1-9])(0+)$/, "");

    This will end up to this:

    >> 2.12
    // but as mentioned it is dynamic
    >> 2.123
    >> 2
  3. Use this function:

    //E.g. 0.5 becomes 0.50; 7 stays as 7.
    function twoDecimalPlacesIfCents(amount){
        return (amount % 1 !== 0) ? amount.toFixed(2) : amount;
  4. One other possibility, coerce the string into a number and leverage the fact that 0.00 is falsey to determine how it displays:

    +(1.123456.toFixed(2)) || 0;
    >> 1.12

    Where as:

    +(0.00123.toFixed(2)) || 0;
    >> 0
  5. If you want more generic solution, based on odrm idea.

    function toFixed(value, fractionDigits) {
        return value.toFixed(fractionDigits).replace(/[.,](00)|0$/, '')
  6. const number = Number(Number(value).toFixed(t));

    With this you can cast your number to the correct amount of decimal places and, when converting back to Number, get rid of all useless zeros.


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