How do you use Angular databinding to output nested data?

I will have multiple timeslots, each with multiple windows. I understand the basic concept of databinding but can not seem to get it to work with nested arrays. I’ve tried it several ways to no avail. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

export interface Timeslot {
    from: Date;
    to: Date;
    sunday: boolean;
    monday: boolean;
    tuesday: boolean;
    wednesday: boolean;
    thursday: boolean;
    friday: boolean;
    saturday: boolean;
    windows: Window[];

export interface Window {
    from: any;
    to: any;
    maxAvailability: number;
    isOpen: boolean;
timeslots: Timeslot[] = [
        from: new Date("January 01, 1990 10:05:00"),
        to: new Date("December 31, 2021 10:05:00"),
        sunday: false,
        monday: true,
        tuesday: true,
        wednesday: true,
        thursday: true,
        friday: true,
        saturday: false,
        windows: [
                from: "8:00",
                to:   "12:00",
                maxAvailability: 100,
                isOpen: true
                from: "12:00",
                to:   "4:00",
                maxAvailability: 80,
                isOpen: true
                from: "4:00",
                to:   "9:00",
                maxAvailability: 80,
                isOpen: true

How come I can’t use something like {{ }} to output nested data? How should I go about it instead?

Also, how would I go about outputting the total number of windows? In this case, 3. Something like {{ }}.