How to access certain event parameters in UI5 event handlers?

I’m trying to build an application using SAPUI5. Right now, I have a page with nodes listed as a tree, and a navigation frame at the center. I want to load various pages in the navigation frame based on the node selected in the tree.

I tried to handle the JS event the following way, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

function Tree_Click(oControlEvent){

// Create the Tree control for the MENU block
var MenuTree = new sap.ui.commons.Tree("MenuTree", {select : Tree_Click});
//create Tree Nodes
var Node1 = new sap.ui.commons.TreeNode("Node_fruit", {
    text: "Fruit",
    expanded: true
var Node2 = new sap.ui.commons.TreeNode("Node_veg", {
    text: "Vegetables",
    expanded: true
var Node1_1 = new sap.ui.commons.TreeNode("Node_app", {
    text: "Apple",
var Node2_1 = new sap.ui.commons.TreeNode("Node_carr", {
    text: "Carrot",


// Add Tree Node root to the Tree


The alert seems to be returning undefined.
What am I doing wrong here?

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  1. FYI: You can extract more info from the passed event object:

    var oNode = oEvent.getParameters().node;
    var nodeId = oNode.sId; //eg "Node_fruit"
    var msg = oNode.getProperty("text");   //eg "fruit"
    alert("Node id: <" + nodeId + "> \n"+"Node property (text): <"+msg+">");
  2. Or oControlEvent.getParameters().node.

    oControlEvent.getParameters without parentheses is a function pointer, not the return value of the function call…

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