How to check if array of objects has same value for same key?

I have an array of object ,wanted to check the key "PhysicalVirtual" has same value in all objects.
if it has same value, should return true else it should return false.

code which I have tried:

var testArray=[{
    "Hostname": "NDCWCAP03",   
    "PhysicalVirtual": "P",
    "Tier1": null,
    "Tier3": null,    
}, {
    "Hostname": "NDCWCAP05",
    "PhysicalVirtual": "P",
    "Tier1": null,
    "Tier3": null,    
}]; => key.PhysicalVirtual === 'P'));

Error: getting syntax error here

Evaluator: com.glide.script.RhinoEcmaError: syntax error
   script : Line(13) column(30)
console.log(testArray.find(key => key.PhysicalVirtual === 'P'));

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