How to convert blob to MP3 in ReactJS?

I am recording audio from microphone of the user with MediaRecorder and using Navigator.getUserMedia.

getUserMedia({ audio: true })
  .then(stream => { = stream;
    const mimeType = 'audio/mp3';
    this.mediaRecorder = new MediaRecorder(stream);
    const audioChunks = [];
    this.mediaRecorder.addEventListener('dataavailable', event => {

    this.mediaRecorder.addEventListener('stop', () => {
      const audioBlob = new Blob(audioChunks, {
        type: mimeType});
  }).catch(error => { });

I have converted this blob to WAV file in ReactJS with the help of decodeAudioData method of AudioContext. I also used File Reader in this process. But the size of WAV file is too much. Since my usecase is to record the meeting which can go for like 1-2 hours. And for one hour the size is around 350MB.
So I rather need to convert the blob to MP3 has it has relatively less size than WAV.
Please does anyone knows any library to convert blob to MP3 in ReactJS?

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