How to create an unblockable popup/popunder window or iframe?

I want to automatically open website B after website A is loaded. There seem 2 options.

One is using iframe to include website B on A’s website. Unfortunately, B excerts a X-Frame-Options=SAMEORIGIN policy thus cannot be iframed.

The other option is to open a new popup/popunder window to display B. However, browsers block these popup/popunder windows.

I tried all the code found on the Internet that claim to bypass the X-Frame-Options restriction or create an unblockable popup/popunder window, but none works. The closest to success method is when a visitor moves his mouse pointer on the browser, the popup/popunder window displays(not blocked). I do not know how it is implemented.

I would like to know if a working solution exists at present.


184 thoughts on “How to create an unblockable popup/popunder window or iframe?”

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