How to create custom Registration and Login API using Strapi?

I am using strapi to create APIs.
I want to implement my own Registration API and Login API.
I checked the documentation of strapi but i am not finding any custom API for this.

can any one help me on this?

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  1. Same answer, but in more detail:

    Strapi creates an Auth controller automatically for you and you can overwrite its behavior.

    Copy the function(s) you need (e.g. register) from this file:




    Now you can overwrite the behavior, e.g. pass a custom field inside the registration process {"myCustomField": "hello world"} and log it to the console:

    async register(ctx) {
      // log the custom field
      // do something with it, e.g. check whether the value already exists
      // in another content type
      const itExists = await strapi.query('some-content-type').findOne({
        fieldName: params.myCustomField
      if (!itExists) {
        return ctx.badRequest(...)
      } else {
        console.log('check success')
  2. Actually, strapi creates an Auth controller to handle these requests. You can just change them to fit in your need.

    The path to the controller is:



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