How to debounce search function in this React Component?

I have a component which gets a list of employees as a prop. I’ve also created an input element for filtering the list by string.
I moved filtering logic into a function which expects a list of data and a search value so it could return filtered list.

I want to add lodash debounce to search input, so whenever user types something, it would wait 1 second and filter the list out.

import React from 'react';
import _ from "lodash"

import { IEmployee } from '../../../store/EmployeesStore/reducer'

import AddEmployee from '../AddEmployee/AddEmployee';
import EmployeeItem from './EmployeeItem/EmployeeItem';

import { TextField } from '@material-ui/core';
import InputAdornment from '@material-ui/core/InputAdornment';
import SearchIcon from '@material-ui/icons/Search';

export interface EmployeeProps {
  employees: IEmployee[];

class EmployeeList extends React.Component<EmployeeProps> {
  state = {
    searchValue: ''

//function which returns filtered list
  filterList = (employeesList: IEmployee[], searchValue: string) => { 

    return employeesList.filter((item: any) => {
      const fullName = `${item.firstName}${item.lastName}`.toLowerCase();
      const reversedFullName = `${item.lastName}${item.firstName}`.toLowerCase();
      const trimmedSearchValue = searchValue
        .replace(/\s+/g, '')
      return (
        fullName.includes(trimmedSearchValue) ||

  render() {
    // saving filtered list data in filteredList variable
    let filteredList = this.filterList(this.props.employees, this.state.searchValue)
    return (
        <AddEmployee />
          style={{ marginLeft: '20px' }}
          onChange={(e) => this.setState({ searchValue: })}
            endAdornment: (
              <InputAdornment position="end">
                <SearchIcon />
            shrink: true,
              margin: '0px',
              padding: '0px',
              listStyle: 'none',
              display: 'flex',
              flexWrap: 'wrap',
            { => {
              return <EmployeeItem key={} {...employee} />;

export default EmployeeList;

Where should I add the _.debounce function and how?

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  1. You should not be calling your filterList function in return statement, instead of that it must be called on onChange of TextField.

    Something like this:

    handleChange = (e) => {
        this.setState({ searchValue: })};
        const debouncedCall = _.debounce(() => this.filterList(this.props.employees,, 1000);
    //Rest of your code
    render() {
            onChange={(e) => handleChange(e)}
            ...other attributes

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