How to disable View source and inspect element

How do you disable/ view source/ and /inspect element/, ctrl + u ctrl+shift+I f12 menu bar and right click, also ctrl + s ctrl p ctrl+v ctrl+a ctrl+c and drag select page, please answer all parts that’s possible, I prefer to do this will JavaScript array keycodes or html no php or other languages.also I want to block ifram use on my site like somesites such as google.
As I understand it is not possible to completely disable view source and inspect element, so I want minification of code and rest of my question answered instead.


I solved alot of it myself, I used onkeydown return false to disable all keys, still need the arrays, I disabled inspect element menu bar by forcing browser to I still need right click, however would like to add that I need a custom right click menu, I disabled the possibility to disable Javascript in order to stop the key block by using noscript function redirects. I also still need the drag and select part. I would still like betterways to fix it…maybe even just minify the code or encrypt it. Of anyone needs some of the code I used just reply. I just need to fix it.

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