How to event listen and programatically highlight specific regions of my India map?

I want the map of India and the list with text for the regions to listen to each other so that when the mouse pointer is hovering above a region then the corresponding region name gets underlined, and similarly if I hover over the name of the region to the left then the corresponding area on the map should be highlighted with the pink color. Can you help me? I can add code to listen for the hover event, but I’m not sure how to programmatically highlight the regions?
I can listen for clicking on a region and clicking on a region name but how do I programatically highlight the corresponding region when selecting the text?

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<!DOCTYPE html>

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    <script type="text/javascript" src="/static/js/jquery-1.10.2.min.js?0.238133053892"></script>
{% include "kooltopbar.html" %}

    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
    <script type='text/javascript'>

        function drawMap() {
 var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([

         ['Andhra Pradesh'],
['Arunachal Pradesh'],
['Himachal Pradesh'],
['Jammu and Kashmir'],
['Madhya Pradesh'],
['Tamil Nadu'],
['Uttar Pradesh'],
['West Bengal'],
['Daman and Diu'],
['Dadra and Nagar Haveli'],
['Andaman and Nicobar Islands']

 var options = {
          backgroundColor: '#81d4fa',
          datalessRegionColor: '#ffc801',
     resolution: 'provinces',
    var container = document.getElementById('mapcontainer');
    var chart = new google.visualization.GeoChart(container);

    function myClickHandler(){
        var selection = chart.getSelection();
        var message = '';
        for (var i = 0; i < selection.length; i++) {
            var item = selection[i];
           // if (item.row != null && item.column != null) {
                message += '{row:' + item.row + ',column:' + item.column + '}';
            //} else
             if (item.row != null) {
                message += '{row:' + item.row + '}';
            //} else if (item.column != null) {
              //  message += '{column:' + item.column + '}';
        if (message == '') {
            message = 'nothing';
        //alert('You selected ' + message);

        if (item.row==2) {
             window.location = "/andhra_pradesh/";
        if (item.row==3) {
             window.location = "/arunachal_pradesh/";
        if (item.row==4) {
             window.location = "/assam/";
        if (item.row==6) {
             window.location = "/chhattisgarh/";
        if (item.row==7) {
             window.location = "/goa/";
        if (item.row==8) {
             window.location = "/gujarat/";
        if (item.row==9) {
             window.location = "/haryana/";
        if (item.row==10) {
             window.location = "/himachal_pradesh/";
        if (item.row==11) {
             window.location = "/jammu_kashmir/";
        if (item.row==12) {
             window.location = "/jharkhand/";
        if (item.row==13) {
             window.location = "/karnataka/";
        if (item.row==14) {
             window.location = "/kerala/";
        if (item.row==15) {
             window.location = "/madhya_pradesh/";
        if (item.row==16) {
             window.location = "/maharashtra/";
        if (item.row==17) {
             window.location = "/manipur/";
        if (item.row==18) {
             window.location = "/meghalaya/";
        if (item.row==19) {
             window.location = "/mizoram/";
        if (item.row==20) {
             window.location = "/nagaland/";
        if (item.row==21) {
             window.location = "/orissa/";
        if (item.row==22) {
             window.location = "/punjab/";
        if (item.row==23) {
             window.location = "/rajasthan/";
        if (item.row==24) {
             window.location = "/sikkim/";
        if (item.row==25) {
             window.location = "/tamil_nadu/";
        if (item.row==25) {
             window.location = "/tripura/";
        if (item.row==28) {
             window.location = "/uttar_pradesh/";
        if (item.row==29) {
             window.location = "/west_bengal/";
        if (item.row==36) {
             window.location = "/andaman_nicobar_islands/";
    }, 'select', myClickHandler);
    chart.draw(data, options);
google.load('visualization', '1', {packages: ['geochart'], callback: drawMap});


<div id="wrapper">

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    <div id="regions">

        <div class="region_links_one">
            <ul class="regions_one">
                <li><a id="region_8" class="region" href="">Andhra
                <li><a id="region_9" class="region" href="">Arunachal
                <li><a id="region_10" class="region"
                <li><a id="region_11" class="region"
                <li><a id="region_12" class="region"
                <li><a id="region_13" class="region"
                <li><a id="region_14" class="region" href="">Gujarat</a>
                <li><a id="region_15" class="region" href="">Haryana</a>
                <li><a id="region_16" class="region" href="">Himachal
                <li><a id="region_17" class="region" href="">Jammu
                <li><a id="region_18" class="region" href="">Jharkhand</a>
                <li><a id="region_19" class="region" href="">Karnataka</a>
                <li><a id="region_20" class="region" href="">Kerala</a>
                <li><a id="region_21" class="region" href="">Madhya
            <ul class="regions_two">
                <li><a id="region_22" class="region"
                <li><a id="region_23" class="region" href="">Manipur</a>
                <li><a id="region_24" class="region" href="">Meghalaya</a>
                <li><a id="region_25" class="region" href="">Mizoram</a>
                <li><a id="region_26" class="region" href="">Nagaland</a>
                <li><a id="region_27" class="region" href="">Orissa</a>
                <li><a id="region_28" class="region" href="">Punjab</a>
                <li><a id="region_29" class="region" href="">Rajasthan</a>
                <li><a id="region_30" class="region" href="">Sikkim</a>
                <li><a id="region_31" class="region" href="">Tamil
                <li><a id="region_32" class="region" href="">Tripura</a>
                <li><a id="region_34" class="region"
                <li><a id="region_33" class="region" href="">Uttar
                <li><a id="region_35" class="region" href="">West
        <div class="region_links_two">
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            <h2>Union territories</h2>

            <ul class="regions_one">
                <li><a class="region" href="">Delhi</a></li>
                <li><a class="region" href="">Lakshadweep</a></li>
                <li><a class="region" href="">Daman &amp; Diu</a>
                <li><a class="region" href="">Dadra &amp; Nagar
            <ul class="regions_two">
                <li><a class="region" href="">Chandigarh</a></li>
                <li><a class="region" href="">Pondicherry</a></li>
                <li><a class="region" href="">Andaman &amp;

<div id="my_wrapper">

<div id="mapcontainer"></div>
<div id="gads" style="clear:both">

<script async src="//"></script>
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